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Learn and practise the steps of salsa, samba or Bachata dance thanks to this eight-week course for beginners. Up to six patrons can enjoy Indian feast including chicken tikka, masala fish, and curry, accompanied by sides and a choice of drink.

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Clients can enhance their art skills and socialise with this two-hour painting class taking place in pub venues across Sydney or Canberra. Treat the hands to a manicure with optional Shellac, or pamper the feet with a spa pedicure with optional Shellac, or opt for acrylic nails. Enjoy a fruit juice like Easy Tropical with pineapple, mango, banana and apple, or opt for a veggie drink of choice; multiple locations.

Ease aches and pains with a 30 minute hot stone massage that focuses on the neck and shoulders; includes a hand treatment and more. This two-hour event sees budding and veteran artists alike socialise and reproduce a specific painting; multiple locations available.

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Suitable for snuggling up or taking for a picnic, this blanket is made of soft fleece and can be personalised with a photo. Enjoy a city break in the heart of Canberra with easy access to top attractions, while staying in this elegant hotel; breakfast included.

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Solve riddles and challenges during this self-guided scavenger hunt in ten different locations across Australia. Individuals or duos can savour a choice of gourmet burger or hot dog each, complemented with regular chips per person. Sip on a glass of wine each and share dishes like chicken wings, tacos or salt and pepper squid with a dear one or a group of friends. Explore Canberra and unwind with a stay at this vintage-style hotel set in the lively suburb of Barton.

Up to three children can feel like a spy with this activity that takes up to an hour to complete; opt for a six-mission pack. Give your skin a deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, improve skin conditions, uneven texture and open pores. Up to 3 children can feel like a spy on a mission with this downloadable and printable activity; ideal birthday party activity.

Duos can share five flavoursome dishes, including soy-sauce-braised duck and pork gyoza, complemented with a glass of wine per person.

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Children are placed into age groups and take part in programs introducing them to soccer and fostering an enthusiasm for team sports. Experienced wine consultant leads up to eight people through a tasting experience at a location of your choice; two bottles of wine to keep.

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  • Up to three children can feel like a spy on a mission with this downloadable and printable activity; ideal birthday party activity. Guests can relax and unwind by taking advantage of a pool and beach access or opt to include up to AED voucher to spend on refreshments. Up to 12 patrons can savour a selection of gourmet bites with a choice of house beverages; includes all-you-can-eat buffet and live DJ.

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    Up to four guests can engage in this Brazilian dining experience including 16 types of meat and optional soft or house beverages. Enjoy access to facilities including a swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, and indulge in a choice of spa treatments. Up to four diners can celebrate a Friday afternoon as they enjoy a lavish buffet paired with free-flowing soft drinks or house beverages.

    Clients can indulge in a choice of spa treatments and enjoy access to swimming pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. Guests can indulge in a Friday brunch with soft or house beverages at a restaurant of their choice, and enjoy pool and beach access. Customers can indulge in a choice of , or minute spa treatment and pair it with pool and beach access, as well as steam room.

    Enjoy an international breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet with optional house beverages or pool access at this five-star hotel.

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    A restaurant located within a five-star hotel invites diners to enjoy an international buffet complemented with free-flowing soft beverages. Up to four guests can conquer hunger with a lunch buffet and complement the meal with soft beverages at this five-star hotel.

    Up to four guests can savour a range of seafood dishes with a choice of soft or house beverages at Marriott Hotel Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi. One or two customers can indulge in a treatment of choice with spa access and optional pool access. Enjoy all delicacies of the menu and dig into a choice of steaks, salads and other dishes with a value voucher for AED or AED Take a tour around the interactive live cooking stations to savour a plethora of dishes combining East and West flavours and aromas.

    Up to six patrons can visit this cafe to enjoy a traditional spread of Arabian gourmet pastry delicacies paired with a pot of tea.

    Up to four guests can spend a day at a five-star resort pool and partake in delicacies from the poolside restaurant. Abu Dhabi has it all: sun, sand, beaches, a cosmopolitan outlook, and now massive savings with Groupon!

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