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But Melissa was heartbroken when her week scan on the NHS revealed the unborn child has severe health problems and is only expected to live for a few days.

The abnormalities, including a hole in the heart, weren't picked up the Window to the Womb scan. Arteries in the tot's heart were also the wrong way round, he had an abnormally large left kidney and stunted arms. Doctors later confirmed that the baby was suffering from Edwards' Syndrome - a serious genetic condition which causes babies to die shortly before or after birth.

What is an ultrasound test?

Melissa, of Blackburn, Lancashire, said: "I was completely devastated and heartbroken when I discovered my son, which originally was my unborn girl, had several serious medical issues. The teen, who is now 24 weeks pregnant, intends to let her pregnancy go full term if the baby survives.

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Just to spend some time with him, it's not going to last long. Window to the Womb, which is based in Blackburn, checked the skull and brain, lungs and heart and the amniotic fluid. It stresses protocols were followed and the procedure was completed by an experienced sonographer. A spokesman said: "Melissa's scan was completed by an experienced sonographer who works within the NHS conducting diagnostic scans and we are confident that all of our scan protocols, as laid out by industry experts and our insurance were followed.

On its website, Window To The Womb says: "The detection rate of abnormalities may vary depending on your gestation at the time of your scan. Our Services. Want to check the wellbeing of the baby? The viability, early pregnancy, reassurance and wellbeing scans can put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

NHS and private ultrasound scans during pregnancy

When should you have your scans? Our Pregnancy Diary provides useful information about the timing of. Pregnancy Diary. Pregnancy symptoms information. All are from well recognised organisations that providing general maternity information.

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Pregnancy Symptoms. This is the latest screening for Down syndrome and similar abnormalities. We also do the nuchal scan, which may be considered if it was difficult to measure at the NHS scan. We perform the anomaly scan which checks that the fetal structures are developing, assess placenta function using uterine artery Doppler, and can perform preterm birth risk assessment.

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If you wish to know how your baby is lying, we do the presentation scan at anytime. The additional scans we have here will certainly complement the NHS scans.

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Our staff are friendly, experienced and strive to give expectant parents the best possible care. Our appointments are flexible, including weekends. Our scans last between minutes depending on the package purchased, although you will be with us between minutes.

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See everything included below:. If you do not require the extra services below, you can choose our Well-being scan Extras included Scroll down for information on the 2 scan package.

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  • Calls to ban early gender scans are sexist, patronising and do women a disservice.

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