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So now I would be considered too old.

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Called and got refused Read less Read more. You'll need to call up and make an appointment. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid.

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Get deal Get deal. Posted 6th Feb This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:. More England deals Find more like this. See all deals Discover more deals on our homepage. Set alert Create an alert and get notified of similar deals. A "classic" haircut is just your typical haircut - you let the trainee stylist know how you'd like your hair to look. Go for the "creative" haircut if you want a statement look which your stylist usually on an advanced cutting course will propose. I used to frequent the Sassoon academy as a uni student, and still go back for a haircut now and then when I have a spare afternoon.


I've always had good experiences with the stylists and teachers, but of course it's riskier having a trainee cut your hair even if there is a teacher on hand to fix it and it does take a large chunk of time, so if you are going then be prepared to dedicate around 3 hours. I've had some of the best haircuts in my life here! The Sassoon academy is in London only, if you're not in London look out for community colleges near you which run hairdressing courses - they usually have a good prices on haircuts.

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New Comment Subscribe Save for later Embed. Wellness and Health. Hair Care. So that's where Boris Johnson gets his hair done. Quote Like Permalink. So do I book online or just walk in on whichever day? Jays8 Is this a "white people thing"?

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Read less Read more The academy's students and clientele are international, just like London. Call up and ask the receptionist if the students have been trained to care for your hair type. Edited by: "chrispycarrot" 8th Feb Not sure I get it. Is the creative for ladies only? Would be great if it could work on a Saturday, but most likely won't take appointments in high turnaround days.

In additional to this, it's worth asking at your own salons whenever they may be for the cost of trainees.

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Black people don't have a wel documented history of oppression and exclusion. Also not just a white people thing I have a mass of scary spice curls and I've had my hair done there loads of time. Just be warned that they will work with your hair texture so dont expect to have a blow dry and cut. Read less Read more Wouldn't have thought so, my god daughter did a hairdressing course and was always on the lookout for all different types and ages of models.

Read less Read more Exactly!. And like the original commenter said from the beginning, had it not been for the Company's hair model 'preferences' upon their own web site etc, then such notable comment's wouldn't have seen the need to be given the time of day in the first place Or am I mistaken?. Cause and effect, and all that Read less Read more I went to the Academy about 15 years ago when I was a student, they didn't appear to have an age limit back then as a lady who looked in her 70's was frequently there I kept going back because they wanted me on their books as a hair model for advertising and they paid me I have no idea if the rules have changed since then, maybe phone and ask them first?

Can't see why they would though- everyone of every age seems on trend now and unless hair stops growing after the age you were told, I can't understand why they'd put a limit on the age range especially if they are advertising for models- this normally means they don't have enough people signing up.

They never finished my hair within a few hours 3 or 4 was a good day and if you found yourself being used as an example by the teacher, it would take even longer though your hair would be more likely to look better IME! They like to take their time because precision seems to be everything and it can feel really tedious and frustratingly slow, so if you are not OK with this, maybe try a regular salon looking for hair models. Also; if you were set on a specific style, it might not happen.

Close menu. Sassoon Academy. Sassoon Partner Salon. Sassoon salon. Sassoon partner salon. Sassoon Finish. Color Menu. So Social. America Home Salons New York. The most rewarding element is the continuing education we receive and the ability to teach my craft. I get inspired by an art exhibit, a Broadway show. When walking the streets of NYC, there is never a dull moment. At the moment, I admire my child. Less is more. After all of the hard work and dedication, I am able to call myself a Sassoon stylist.

Hard work pays off as they say.


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